2010   USA Red White and Blue
Red White and Blue Image Cover
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Director:Simon Rumley
Studio:Fidelity Films
Writer:Simon Rumley
IMDb Rating:6.4 (1,236 votes)
Genre:Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Duration:102 min
Simon Rumley  ...  (Director)
Simon Rumley  ...  (Writer)
Noah Taylor  ...  Nate
Amanda Fuller  ...  Erica
Marc Senter  ...  Franki
Nick Ashy Holden  ...  Alvin
Patrick Crovo  ...  Carl
Jon Michael Davis  ...  Ed
Sally Jackson  ...  Ellie
Emily Cropper  ...  HIV Clinician
Eryn Brooke  ...  Lisa
Matteson Claus  ...  Sherry
Laurie Foxx  ...  Pamela
Jenny Gravenstein  ...  Druggie Rock Girl
Julian Haddad  ...  Lil' Alan
Nicole Holt  ...  Erica's Mum
Ernest James  ...  Dano
Mitchell Parrack  ...  Doctor
Saxon Sharbino  ...  Paulette
Milton Kam  ...  Cinematographer
Lauren Schneider  ...  Sarah
Kevin LaVoie  ...  Arnold
Pete O. Partida  ...  Lee
Mary Mathews  ...  Marj
Mark Hanson  ...  Druggie Rock Guy
Chance Hartman  ...  Hotel Pick-Up
Vincent Doenges  ...  William
Chris Summers  ...  Steve
Comments: Forgive some of the indie, no-budget shortcomings and wait for the third act. Noah Taylor takes over, and the film is as brutal as they come. Noah Taylor rules. This film also argues that you don't need to show all the gore in excruciating detail to be effective. And I dare anyone to provide a more horrifying moment in a slasher, horror, revenge, whatever film, than the one where Taylor asks the little girl if she wants to stay there. Crush. I hope that little girl totally understands she was just acting in a movie.

Summary: Film follows the cool, emotionless Erica, who dives into bed with any man she meets. When she is offered a job in a DIY store in Austin, she discovers the kindness of strangers, but also the gruesome shadowy side of it.

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