2017   USA Africa's Hunters
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Director:Hannah Hoare
IMDb Rating:8.6 (48 votes)
Duration:48 min
Location:Luangwa Valley, Zambia
Hannah Hoare  ...  (Director)
  ...  (Writer)
Kamuti  ...  Female Leopard
Olimba  ...  Female Leopard
Nsefu Pride  ...  Lion Pride East/South of the River
Chief  ...  Nsefu Pride Male
Notch  ...  Nsefu Pride Male
The Misfit  ...  Nsefu Pride Cub
The Dreamer  ...  Nsefu Pride Cub
MK (MWamba) Pride  ...  Lion Pride West/North of the River
The Punks (Mohawk, Spike & Axel)  ...  The "Mane-less males" of MK Pride
Kimba  ...  MK Pride male
Maya  ...  MK Pride female
Mopane  ...  MK Lioness
Poppy  ...  MK Pride Cub
Milo  ...  MK Pride Cub
Malaika  ...  Female Leopard
Chipazua  ...  Female Leopard
Gillian Burke  ...  Narrator (voice)
Comments: 3) Bound by Blood 4) The Misfit 5) Teenage Pride — 2) Brothers in Arms 3) Kings of Nsefu — 1) Kimba’s Rise 2) Prides and Prejudice 3) Misfit Comes of Age 6) Buffalo Showdown

9 Lions, 4 Leopard, 3 Hyena, 1 Dog, 1 Dog/Hyena

They get the movement from MK to Hollywood wrong. It’s not across the river. It’s up north. Lots of thermal camera work. With this many episodes at the Luangwa River it needs more varied and better photography. The stories also became same-y, essentially The Misfit comes of age template

Summary: A wise old leopard is challenged by a young rival; a lion cub struggles to find his place in the pride; and a lowly young hyena needs to grow up fast. Personal stories will reveal the unique characters and amazing adaptations of Africa's top predators in the Luamgwa River Valley in Zambia


1) The Hungry Leopard
At 13, Kamuti is one of the oldest leopards in the Luangwa region of Zambia. Old age brings many challenges, from hunting antelope to keeping a watchful eye on the lion pride nearby. Using a military-grade thermal camera, we lift the veil on the secret world of this enigmatic nocturnal predator for the first time.

2) A Leopards Last Stand
Kamuti the leopard has reigned supreme over her corner of the Luangwa Valley for 10 years. She's defended her territory, hunted antelope for food, and even kept the nearby pride of lions at bay. But a younger leopard is determined to replace her. Can she survive one more challenge, or will this be her last stand?

3) Bound by Blood
At the height of the Zambian dry season, three lionesses in the Nsefu pride are pregnant. Even with protection from fellow lions, the stakes couldn't be higher, from cub-hungry predators like leopards and hyenas to the hunting duties necessary to sustain the group. Can the pride meet the demands of their growing population?

4) The Misfit
A six-week-old lion cub gets separated from his pride and has to face the nighttime terrors of the African bush. Cub-hungry predators, dehydration, and rival lions instinctively primed to kill are just some of the threats ahead. Can this intrepid little misfit find his way back to safety, or will the harsh rules of the wild prevail?

5) Teenage Pride
The Nsefu lion pride of Zambia are in an enviable position, with a litter of new cubs, control of the best territory on the Luangwa River, and strong males to protect them. But as the cubs grow older, pressure mounts as they begin to understand their roles and how every misstep can threaten the very existence of their family.

6) Survivors of the Plains
In hyena society, the females call the shots--but they're also charged with making difficult decisions. So when drought pushes a spotted hyena clan to the brink of starvation, the matriarch has a call to make: wait in the Liuwa Plains for rain that will bring wildebeest, or set out in search of a nourishing kill?


1) The Trials of Olimba
Our epic journey through Zambia's Luangwa Valley continues with a new young leopard queen named Olimba taking over the wily Kamuti,s turf. Unlike her predecessor, Olimba has yet to acquire all the tricks of the trade, from hunting antelope to evading lions, hyenas, and even wild dogs. But the biggest threat to Olimba comes from yet another female leopard invading her space. Can she protect what is rightfully hers?

2) Brothers in Arms
It's time to check up on the Nsefu lion pride as they welcome seven new cubs into the fold, but can these new arrivals survive the hardships ahead? One of the cubs, nicknamed The Dreamer, strikes up a friendship with the awkward, now-adolescent Misfit. Together, they forge a special bond that bodes well for their future. Do these two unlikely friends have what it takes to survive?

3) Kings of Nsefu
Twin lions Chief and Notch maintain a powerful bond, both to each other and to the famous Nsefu pride over which they preside. Enter a pair of nomadic rivals, flagrantly trespassing on pride land. Will the old allegiances hold or will the pride females be swayed by the lure of these bold interlopers? It falls on the brothers to demonstrate that they are the true kings of Nsefu.

4) The Lost Prince
The young spotted hyena Mizumu is high-born, the son of an alpha female who leads a troop of Luangwa Valley hyenas. Despite his royal blood, he must leave the clan and set out alone once he reaches adulthood. The wilds of Luangwa are dangerous, packed with ruthless predators. He eventually makes his way toward a rival bachelor clan-but can he convince them he's a worthy addition to their ranks?

5) The Hot Springs Pack
The wild dogs of Luangwa Valley are organized, tenacious and strictly hierarchical under the leadership of an alpha pair. While cheetahs sprint and lions ambush, wild dogs rely on their stamina to wear prey out, sometimes running up to 20 miles at a time. But to maintain dominance, they'll need to train their youngest members to hunt effectively as part of the pack-and time is running out.

6) Heir to the Clan
For spotted hyenas, Luangwa Valley is full of threats, including predatory lions, furtive leopards, and even resentful relatives. Meet Spotty, the youngest daughter of an alpha female hyena. She's the heir apparent to the powerful Chimbwe clan, but she'll need to assert herself if she's to assume her rightful place as matriarch-in-waiting. Will she survive to adulthood and take on the throne?


1) Kimbas Rise
The Mwamba lion pride are the largest in Zambia's Luangwa Valley: three dominant males, several experienced lionesses, plus their yearlings--adolescents on the cusp of adulthood. The future of the pride depends on these yearlings learning to hunt quickly, but an ambush by a local hyena clan has set them back. To survive, they will have to hone their skills and start contributing to the hunt.

2) Prides and Prejudice
For lion cub Milo, being born into a strong clan in the Luangwa Valley should be enough to secure his future. But a devastating loss triggers a chain of events that sees him rejected by his parents. As the sole surviving cub, he has become a burden for the pride. If Milo is to win his way back into favor, he will need to fend for himself and prove he can keep up--but does he have what it takes?

3) The Misfit Comes of Age
The members of the Nsefu pride take a huge risk: they're leaving their home turf, and crossing the Luangwa River in search of prey. Navigating croc-infested waters is a challenge, especially for the pride's yearling, dubbed the Misfit. It's a foolhardy gamble, but hunger has forced their hand. If they're to succeed, they'll need the Misfit to come of age--their very survival depends on it.

4) The Leopard Who Changed Her Spots
Chipazua is no ordinary leopardess. She relies on her mother Malaika for food, although she should be an independent adolescent by now. When Malaika tires of her behavior and wanders off, Chip faces a harsh new reality. She now must hunt for herself, evade danger, and even navigate courtship with a local male leopard. But can she acquire the necessary skills at this late stage of her life?

5) Deadly Rivals
A pack of wild dogs in Zambia's Luangwa Valley lord over a home range of nearly 200 square miles. However, trouble is brewing: a nearby clan of hyenas are determined to make life difficult for the dogs, from stealing their food to hunting their pups. It's a turf war with deadly repercussions--and that's even before the lions become involved.

6) Buffalo Showdown
In the depths of the Luangwa Valley, an unusual confrontation brews between two unlikely and evenly-matched opponents: an elite pride of lions, and a 300-strong herd of buffalo. Male buffalo can weigh up to a ton, have thick 2-inch hides and lethal horns. It's an epic stand-off between two formidable adversaries, with neither willing to cede ground.

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