2010   South Africa Pride in Battle
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Director:Graeme Duane
Studio:Earth Touch, Earth Touch, Igloo Post
Writer:Stefania Muller
IMDb Rating:8.7 (11 votes)
Duration:50 min
Location:Xakanaxa, Okavango Delta
Graeme Duane  ...  (Director)
Stefania Muller  ...  (Writer)
Dave Birch  ...  
Grant McLachlan  ...  Composer
Brad Bestelink  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: “Lion Brotherhood” and “Lion Brothers - Cubs to Kings” steal from this a lot

Almost perfect! Beautifully shot with some remarkable catches; nicely narrated without over-drama; the stories are good without any seeming phonily manufactured; good soundtrack

This is what you get when the guy filming it knows the land and the animals because he lives there. Bravo!

Summary: A documentary which follows two lion brothers as they become rulers of a pride in Botswana after a battle for dominance.

In a remote area of Botswana’s Okavango Delta, two lion brothers emerge victorious as undisputed rulers of a large and formidable pride after a ferocious battle for dominance. The new rulers bring security to this competitive, predator-rich area and five of the six lionesses soon give birth to thirteen cubs within a short space of time.

‘Pride in Battle’ is the epic story of the rapidly growing Xakanaxa pride as it battles to survive through one of Okavango's harshest winters. Twenty-one adults and cubs now make up the group, and because of such a rapid expansion in their numbers, the adults concentrate their hunting efforts on the prey guaranteed to provide the most food – buffalo. A deadly game of cat and mouse ensues

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