2020   Spain, Kenya Lions and Hyenas: Owners of Death, Guardians of Life
Lions and Hyenas: Owners of Death, Guardians of Life Image Cover
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Director:Nacho Ruiz
Studio:Cheetah Tented Camp, Into The Wild Productions
Duration:54 min
Nacho Ruiz  ...  (Director)
  ...  (Writer)
Luis M.Deltell  ...  Composer
Jorge Alesanco  ...  Cinematographer
Nacho Ruiz  ...  Cinematographer
Alberto Saiz  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: New Kid on the Block, Nacho Ruiz, from Spain

Uses robot cameras to get a place at the dinner table (and other places) close up. The problem with the extremely graphic meal time shots is: Intestines are shiny and slimy in a way that's repulsive to look at. And hyenas are known to start ripping intestines out while their prey is still alive. Super Ewww

So this film has that hook, which is cool for play time in the den, but it's at odds with its major drift of trying to be educational the rest of the time [read: boring]

Sort of like a Horror film with too much Drama

Summary: For many years lions and hyenas have competed hard for meat. Both control each other, stealing and killing each other. But in this game, both survive and no one prevails.Their destinies are united. This is the story of the ancestral confrontation between the most iconic predators of Africa

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