2018   Botswana, South Africa Birth of a Pride
Birth of a Pride Image Cover
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Director:Dereck Joubert
Studio:Wildlife Films Botswana
Writer:Dereck Joubert
IMDb Rating:8.2 (19 votes)
Awards:10 wins
Duration:44 min
Dereck Joubert  ...  (Director)
Dereck Joubert  ...  (Writer)
J.B. Arthur  ...  Composer
Dereck Joubert  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Another lovely and low-key outing from the Jouberts

Highlight of this one is the cubs. Two of them are afraid to swim and there are a lot of rivers to cross. One night mom just leaves them on the other side of a swampy crocodile and hippo infested river. Unsurprisingly, they're ready to take the plunge next morning

Summary: Follow two males lions who swam across the river from Namibia, and joined up with two females in Selinda. This union resulted in six cubs as they grow, learn to hunt, and ultimately, become the first pride in Selinda in many years.

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