"Nature"   2020   USA The Leopard Legacy
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Director:Lianne Steenkamp, Will Steenkamp
Studio:ARTE, ARTE, Into Nature Productions
Writer:Alan Miller, Lianne Steenkamp, Will Steenkamp
IMDb Rating:8 (8 votes)
Duration:53 min
Location:Luangwa Valley, Zambia
Lianne Steenkamp, Will Steenkamp  ...  (Director)
Alan Miller, Lianne Steenkamp, Will Steenkamp  ...  (Writer)
Nicole Beutler  ...  Narrator
Roman Kariolou  ...  Composer
Johannes Ratheiser  ...  Composer
Lianne Steenkamp  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Music too classical, British female narrator to slow and dramatic, and the whole thing was slow. Hunting birds and squirrels WTF

Summary: A mighty leopardess rules over an area along Zambia's Luangwa River. She has just given birth to two cubs and faces the challenging task of motherhood including feeding the cubs and defending her territory. In the process, one of the cubs is lost, but she forges on as a devoted mom to her other blue-eyed cub

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