"Big Cat Week"   2016   USA Storm Cats
Storm Cats Image Cover
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Director:Robyn Keene-Young
Studio:Nat Geo
Writer:Robyn Keene-Young
IMDb Rating:7.2 (14 votes)
Duration:45 min
Robyn Keene-Young  ...  (Director)
Robyn Keene-Young  ...  (Writer)
Huey Morgan  ...  Narrator
Alan Ari Lazar  ...  Composer
Adrian Bailey  ...  Cinematographer
Kim Wolhuter  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: These NatGeo genre fillers and their “everything is so intense” narrators fall flat. Wolhuter’s photography is good, tho … Watched online

Summary: Africa's big cats lead a predictable life, they are masters of the dry terrain. However, for eight intense weeks, violent storms transform their world. Storm Cats follows the lives of two generations of big cats during the fleeting wet season in arid Botswana. It is an intimate portrayal of lion and cheetah families pushed to the edge by nature's raw power. Only those that can adapt will survive

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