2010   South Africa Swamp Lions
Swamp Lions Image Cover
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Studio:Aquavision TV Productions
Writer:Bronwyn Watkins
IMDb Rating:7.9 (18 votes)
Duration:50 min
  ...  (Director)
Bronwyn Watkins  ...  (Writer)
Benjamin Willem  ...  Composer
Nathan Pilcher  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Pretty boring and not that attractive overall. The landscape is just a wet blurry mess. Viewed online at NatGeo

Summary: The Swamp Pride is on its knees. Its mighty male was killed by poachers, leaving three mothers and their cubs defenseless in one of the toughest landscapes for a lion in Africa. Busanga Swamp is a quagmire, even in the dry season. Hunting in shoulder-deep water is all but impossible, and deadly hippos and crocodiles patrol the ever-present waters. Keeping cubs alive here is hard work, but for these lionesses it just got even harder: two massive young male lions are hunting them down. The males want to claim the Swamp Pride and its territory as their own, but to take over a pride they must kill its cubs. The mothers must fight tooth and claw to make sure that doesn't happen

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