"Big Cat Week"   2017   USA Battle for the Pride
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Director:James Santo Reed
Studio:Nat Geo
Duration:44 min
Comments: Phony Editing nonsense Bang! Bang! and Dragnet intense narration, and Jump Scare Score. lol

Summary: Follow a pride of lions in Botswana to discover the brutal realities of family life in the wild

S01E01 Battle for the Pride
Follow a pride in Botswana — home to some of the largest male lions on the planet — as they fight for survival. The pride is a dangerous place to grow up and the lion cubs start their life vulnerable and weak, with threats from all sides. As few as one in five cubs live to 2 years old and it takes them years to develop the abilities needed to become an apex predator. Watch as the cubs learn from their family, mastering the expert skills needed to stay on top and practising their killer tactics on prey. Within a couple of years, the aspiring young male lions will need to fend for themselves and find a pride of their own. Find out who will become a lion king

S01E02 Young Blood
For a newborn in the wild, it's a fight for survival from the very first breath.

S01E03 Elephant: King of the Kalahari
Discover the beauty of Botswana - the elephant capital of the world

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