"Malika"   2018   South Africa Leopard Huntress
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Director:Graeme Duane
Studio:Earth Touch, Nat Geo Wild, Smithsonian
Writer:Billi-Jean Parker
IMDb Rating:8 (17 votes)
Duration:50 min
Graeme Duane  ...  (Director)
Billi-Jean Parker  ...  (Writer)
Nathan Pilcher  ...  Cinematographer
Dale Hancock  ...  Cinematographer
Riaan Venter  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Superhero cat. Malika makes three or more kills a day that get stolen almost immediately by hyenas or some dude she doesn’t like. She uses these thieves as decoys who force her intended victims to run away from them right to her. Brilliant. Works every time

The first time she invites her three month old cub up a tree to eat dinner dude shows up and spots the cub. Malika races up the tree to defend her baby, a scuffle ensues, two cats fall 25 feet from the tree and we can’t tell which ones it is. One gets up and runs away, must have been the dude. Malika climbs down from the tree and discovers her baby dead from a broken back. Bad fall. Sads

Summary: When a vicious fight with the Male leopard results in her cub's death, Malika must reinvent herself after the loss. In the battle to survive she faces dangerous enemies and must hunt way outside her comfort zone. Her desperation inspires ingenious new ambush techniques and each success slowly rebuilds her confidence till she has the courage to face her enemies and regain her former glory

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