2023   South Africa Predators of the Savuti
Predators of the Savuti Image Cover
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Director:Kathryn Pasternak
Studio:Lion Mountain Media
Writer:Nicole Annear, Percy Hugget, Kathryn Pasternak
Duration:50 min
Kathryn Pasternak  ...  (Director)
Nicole Annear, Percy Hugget, Kathryn Pasternak  ...  (Writer)
Benjamin Willem  ...  Composer
Nathan Pilcher  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Nicely photographed, no humans, decent story arc, nice to know about the water table rising and falling, emphasis on dogs and hyenas was tolerable, decent narration and music

Summary: In Botswana's Savuti Channel, rival factions, the Duma Tau wild dog pack and the Savuti hyena clan, fiercely battle for territory and prey to raise their next generation of warriors. A 25-year drought ends with heavy rains flooding the battleground and introducing crocodiles. As the predators confront each other, elephants, baboons, and buffalos, the wild dogs face their fear of crocodiles while hyenas adapt to aquatic hunting. In an unprecedented climax, three wild dogs and a hyena unite to make a kill, temporarily feasting together. However, the survival struggle of the PREDATORS OF THE SAVUTI continues, perpetuating the fight for dominance

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