2024   South Africa Death at the River
Death at the River Image Cover
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Studio:Lion Mountain Media
Writer:Gillian Matchett, Stefania Muller
Genre:BigCats, Documentary
Duration:50 min
  ...  (Director)
Gillian Matchett, Stefania Muller  ...  (Writer)
Peter Lamberti  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Not much Big Cats but nicely done educational piece about the 7 rivers: MARA=Kenya; ZAMBEXI & LUANGWA=Zambia; RUFIJI-=anzania; SHIRI=Malawi; OKAVANGO=Botswana; SAND=S. Africa

Summary: The rivers of Africa bring life and abundance to their inhabitants, but they can also be the arena for some of nature's most significant challenges and dramas. Harsh seasonal cycles dictate the course of life - and death - along the rivers. Only the fittest survive crossing the crocodile-infested Mara, the extreme drought of the Luangwa Valley or any of the many other perils harboured by rivers all over the continent. With cunning and opportunistic hunters of all sizes lurking in the waters or prowling the banks, Africa's rivers are a predator's paradise

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