2017   USA Lions Unleashed
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Studio:Earth Touch, Metanoia Concepts
Writer:Kira Ivanoff, Meredith Nutting
IMDb Rating:6.7 (15 votes)
Duration:46 min
Location:Akagera National Park, Rwanada
  ...  (Director)
Kira Ivanoff, Meredith Nutting  ...  (Writer)
Ted Stewart  ...  Narrator
Alexander Sletten  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Boy does this need a follow up. In the mid 90s, following the Rwanda Civil War, all of the lions in Akagera National Park, one of the largest parks in East Central Africa, were killed. In 2015 five female lions and two male lions were translocated to the park with the aim of reversing this local extinction

According to wikipedia, there are now 58 lions living in the park. I'd call that a success story

The two male lions were buds from wherever they came from but the girls didn't know one another. The girl issue was a problem at the beginning because they need to be bonded and know how to work as a team when they hunt

Whoever picked the girls to move there made sure to include one big beefy one, Shema, who was also a proven hunter. Sure enough she makes the first lion kill in the park in a couple decades. A lot of the herbivore prey there had never seen a lion, so ... ya know, they weren't very smart about running away from them. I'm not sure I buy that part, but whatever

Shema's kill gets the attention of the boys and she gives them the kill. They dig that. The alpha male wants dessert (wink wink nudge nudge). I've seen over a hundred Big Cat Documentaries. This is the first time I've seen one show man parts going in and out of lady parts

My only nitpick with this doc is the narrator is a little to "this is intense" baritone for my taste

Summary: In Rwanda, Africa, a new era is dawning after a brutal civil war ripped through the country, killing close to two million people and wiping out its most iconic wildlife: the regal lion. Now, 25 years later, the big cats are being reintroduced to the region to reclaim their throne. Follow this magnificent seven, a collection of five females and two males, as they travel thousands of miles from South Africa to Akagera National Park and attempt to figure out their new land, form relationships, and restore the pride of a nation

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