"Stories of Africa"   2013   USA Leopard Fight Club
Leopard Fight Club Image Cover
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Director:Jan Lampen
Studio:Aquavision TV Productions, Smithsonian Channel
Writer:Jan Lampen
IMDb Rating:6.7 (10 votes)
Duration:50 min
Jan Lampen  ...  (Director)
Jan Lampen  ...  (Writer)
Benjamin Willem  ...  Composer
Comments: Seems totally fake and contrived in the stitching together of shots/story. Bad narrator but overall not too bad

Summary: Witness a remarkable coming-of-age story as we track a young leopard's journey from rookie to royalty in South Africa's lethal Big Five landscape. When we first meet Jack, he's clumsy, fearful, and weak, but he's a fast learner - and he'll need to be. He's destined for a showdown with the area's current leopard monarch, an alpha male with a real mean streak. We follow Jack as he hones his skills and builds up muscle for the ultimate catfight. It's a battle where only the winner will walk out alive

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