2012   USA Lion Battle Zone
Lion Battle Zone Image Cover
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Director:Owen Prumm
Studio:National Geographic Television
Writer:Jaime Bernanke
IMDb Rating:7.4 (18 votes)
Duration:60 min
Location:Ruaha National Park, Tanzania
Owen Prumm  ...  (Director)
Jaime Bernanke  ...  (Writer)
Matthew de Luca  ...  Composer
Neil de Luca  ...  Composer
Owen Prumm  ...  Cinematographer
Mdonya Pride  ...  
Baobab Pride  ...  
Bushbuck Pride  ...  
Kumi Pride  ...  
Njaa Pride  ...  Drifter Pride
Comments: Great, with maps of where the prides are along the three rivers!
The sound of the animals is too loud!

Summary: Five lion prides in Africa compete for scare food and each have adopted their own style of hunting. Follow them as they take down everything from buffalo to giraffes. Only the most cunning and capable will survive.

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