Tanzanie, royaume des lionnes   2021   France Lion Dynasty: A Matter of Pride
Lion Dynasty: A Matter of Pride Image Cover
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Director:Jean Barraud, Romain Quillon
Writer:Bernard Mathieu
Duration:52 min
Location:Ruaha National Park, Tanzania
Jean Barraud, Romain Quillon  ...  (Director)
Bernard Mathieu  ...  (Writer)
Michel Papineschi  ...  Speaker
Bruno Alexiu  ...  Composer
Jean Barraud  ...  Cinematographer
Quillon Romain  ...  Cinematographer
Bushbuck Pride  ...  
Comments: Kind of a follow up to “Surviving the Drought”. Shows footage of the cub with the broken pelvis

Summary: With seven lionesses in their prime, 13 cubs between them, and two part-time magnificent males, the Bushbuck pride is large and in charge - and determined to make sure that their legacy lives on. But, through the years, adults, cubs and elders must continually adapt to the worsening dry seasons, while finding ways to hunt increasingly rare - or aggressive - prey. There is internal drama, too, so the ruling lionesses are forced to make difficult decisions in order to keep their dynasty alive

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