"Nature"   2007   USA Super Pride
Super Pride Image Cover
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Studio:National Geographic
Writer:James Byrne
Duration:47 min
Comments: Not bad for old avi. This is where that lioness flips over the zebra comes from. No humans and reasonable narration. Some long kills

Summary: The Serengeti, in northern Tanzania, teems with big predators. But none compare to the lion. The Serengeti sustains one of the biggest lion populations in Africa: approximately 3,500 lions in 300 prides. But this pride, residing in the central Serengeti, is an exception. 22 lions in all: they are a Super Pride. Few lion prides reach Super Pride status. This phenomenon requires the right conditions. Plentiful prey and strong pride males are key to its success. But keeping cubs alive to maturity is the Super Pride's ultimate goal. Sometimes the greatest threats to a lion cub's life come from other lions…

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