2006   USA Africa's Super 7
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Studio:Aquavision TV Productions
Writer:Joe Kennedy
IMDb Rating:6.3 (11 votes)
Duration:50 min
  ...  (Director)
Joe Kennedy  ...  (Writer)
Grant Innes McLachlan  ...  Composer
Peter Lamberti  ...  Cinematographer
Riaan Venter  ...  Cinematographer
Candice van der Valk  ...  Editor
Summary: The good, the bad and the ugly, the teacher, the lover, the fighter and the strong, silent type! Stars of a tense 24-hour drama with birth, death and everything in between.

On the northern bank of the Sand River in the Mala-Mala Game Reserve in South Africa, seven magnificent creatures reside in an area the size of Manhattan Island. Tracking them for 24 hours we reveal the invisible threads that bind them together in a never-ending daily drama. This action-packed film will show how seven individual stories become one, how the animals move in and out of one another’s lives in the course of a single day. Sometimes their encounters happen just by chance, at other times they are intent on stalking each other down. In all cases whenever they meet the encounter is always riveting.

Each animal has different strengths, even some weaknesses, but seeing them in action is always impressive. Tracking them through one day and one night we witness their dealings with the neighbours from hell, staking their territory, stalking the same prey, risking their lives and cautiously interacting with or avoiding each other. This is a privileged and rare glimpse into the complex lives of Africa’s Super Seven.

Each species has its own vital role to play in this unfolding 24-hour drama. There is no room for the weak and in the African bush there’s only one rule: the biggest, strongest, fastest and smartest survive.

As amazing as these animals are, they all have their Achilles heel too, and occasionally our story includes a fight for survival for them just like any other creature of the untamed African wild. For Africa’s Super Seven there are no free lunches. Some will pay the ultimate price and some will even be lunch. Not for the faint hearted, this is a story of power, trust, hunger, desperation and elation – an unforgettable adventure.

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