1987   USA Lions of the African Night
Lions of the African Night Image Cover
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Director:Carol Hughes, David Hughes
Studio:National Geographic Society
Writer:Carol Hughes, David Hughes
IMDb Rating:6.4 (9 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Duration:60 min
Carol Hughes, David Hughes  ...  (Director)
Carol Hughes, David Hughes  ...  (Writer)
Richard Kiley  ...  Narrator (voice)
Carol Hughes  ...  Cinematographer
David Hughes  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Too many frogs and stuff.

Summary: Whoever said, "there is nothing to fear in the dark" has not seen this wildlife entry from National Geographic. With haunting after hour's cinematography, the documentary follows a pride of lions and the hard-working lioness as they hunt, sleep, eat, and fight under the disguise of a cool African night. Known as a symbol for beauty and power, this voracious cat can consume 75 pounds of meat in one carnivorous meal. The video is narrated by actor Richard Kiley and contains a substantial supporting jungle cast including the night prowling apes, crazed baboons, stampeding gnus, hard-charging warthogs, and the quintessential African animal, the zebra.

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