1996   USA Okavango: Africa's Wild Oasis
Okavango: Africa's Wild Oasis Image Cover
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Studio:National Geographic Television
Writer:Kevin McCarey
IMDb Rating:5.3 (6 votes)
Duration:52 min
Languages:English, German
  ...  (Director)
Kevin McCarey  ...  (Writer)
James Coburn  ...  Narrator
Summary: While most think an oasis in the desert is at best a mirage, this is not always so, as is the case of the jewel of the great African Kalahari Desert, Okavango. This nourishing delta, the largest within the borders of the Dark Continent, is the lifeblood for thousands of weary animals making the trek across the unforgiving sun-baked lands of Zimbabwe. Brought to video by National Geographic, this tape refreshes the minds of the viewer with an educational and visually stunning look at the natural watering hole that supports the nomadic wildlife of the surrounding Northern Botswana region.

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