"National Geographic Explorer"   1997   USA Beauty and the Beasts: A Leopard's Story
Beauty and the Beasts: A Leopard's Story Image Cover
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Studio:National Geographic
Writer:Rob Goldberg
Duration:54 min
Location:Mala Mala Reserve, South Africa
  ...  (Director)
Rob Goldberg  ...  (Writer)
James Coburn  ...  Narrator (voice)
Kim Wolhuter  ...  Cinematographer
Michael Whalen  ...  Composer
Summary: Predator versus prey in a deadly battle on the African plains. Leopard and warthog: Two unlikely creatures linked by fate on the African savanna. One is predator, the other, prey. This intimate film presents remarkable close-up footage of the leopard, perhaps the wildest of the great cats and its odd-looking neighbor, the warthog. Their parallel lives include age-old scenes of mating, birth, and raising young. But when these lives intersect, the outcome is always the same: The formidable leopard outranks the warthog on the food chain. The night is full of other killers on the African plains. Leopard and warthog are just players of an ongoing struggle to survive, played out at the Mala Mala Game Reserve in South Africa. One of nature's most magnificent natural settings sets the stage for the many dramas in BEAUTY AND THE BEASTS: A LEOPARD'S STORY

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