1996   USA, Netherlands The Leopard Son
The Leopard Son Image Cover
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Director:Hugo Van Lawick
Studio:Nature Conservation Films BV
Writer:Michael Olmert
IMDb Rating:7.2 (124 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Duration:87 min
Hugo Van Lawick  ...  (Director)
Michael Olmert  ...  (Writer)
John Gielgud  ...  Narrator (voice)
Matthew Aeberhard  ...  Cinematographer
Hugo Van Lawick  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Stupid Narrator/Soundtrack but no humans

Summary: The true story of the birth, growth and coming of age of a leopard cub in Africa's Serengeti plain. The journey of "The Leopard Son" begins at his mother's side where he discovers, through play, essential skills for survival in the wild. As it is with humans, there inevitably comes the day when a child must leave his mother to go out on his own. For young leopards, though, it's the parent who makes the final break. Left with a last meal to carry him over the next few days, the leopard son realizes that he must start to make his own kills... or starve. From this point forward, the young leopard is forced to put his skills to the test in order to sustain himself. His attempts to hunt lead him far from home, on and adventurous and sometimes dangerous trip that has much to teach him. After a year of wonderous experiences, the leopard returns to his mother's territory and to the tree he regards as his home. There, life and death on the Serengeti come full circle.

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