2007   USA Cheetah - Blood Brothers
Cheetah - Blood Brothers Image Cover
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Studio:National Geographic
Writer:Peter Venn, Bronwyn Watkins
Duration:47 min
  ...  (Director)
Peter Venn, Bronwyn Watkins  ...  (Writer)
Benjamin Willem  ...  Composer
Candice van der Valk  ...  Editor
Summary: On Botswanas Linyanti Plains, a band of brothers reigns amongst the top predators. Three cheetahs: partners sincebirth, and one of the most efficient hunting forces on the plains. They hunt as a team, with Achilles in front, andOdin and Shiva flanking him on either side. The powerful trio have held their territory for over five years, untilone day tragedy strikes. Achilles is killed by a cobra bite, leaving Odin and Shiva to fend for themselves for thefirst time in their lives. With the power of three broken they must adapt fast: learning to hunt as a twosome anddefend their kills without the help of Achilles. Confounding their efforts is a host of scavenging predators: aninjured leopard, a cunning hyena and a devious black backed jackal. Making matters worse, another lone male cheetahbegins to trespass on their land. As the two cheetah brothers regain their efficiency and prowess, the lone malebecomes a major concern. They eventually corner him and a rare cheetah fight ensues, but it is not a fight to thefinish. Instead of chasing the lone cheetah off their territory for good, the brothers begin to tolerate him. Dayby day, the strangers gradually begin to accept each other, until one day against all odds the power of three isreturned to the Linyanti Plains as a new coalition of cheetahs hunt together at last…

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