2009   USA Lion Army
Lion Army Image Cover
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Director:Peter Lamberti
Studio:National Geographic
Writer:Billi-Jean Parker
IMDb Rating:7.1 (15 votes)
Duration:45 min
Location:Kruger National Park, South Africa
Peter Lamberti  ...  (Director)
Billi-Jean Parker  ...  (Writer)
Benjamin Willem  ...  Composer
Nathan Pilcher  ...  Cinematographer
Elmien Fourie  ...  Editor
Comments: One of the best. Hippo engulfs a lioness and almost crushes her head. Lots of night time filming. Good kills.

Summary: It's a wild family drama in Kruger National Park: 28 members, including teenage bullies, new babies, absentee fathers and sick relatives and dynamics changing every day. Only this family is a mega lion pride.

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