1991   USA Cats: Caressing the Tiger
Cats: Caressing the Tiger Image Cover
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Studio:National Geographic
Writer:Barbara Jampel
IMDb Rating:8.1 (23 votes)
Duration:54 min
  ...  (Director)
Barbara Jampel  ...  (Writer)
Joseph Campanella  ...  Narrator
Leo Grillo  ...  Himself
Warner Passanisi  ...  Himself (field zoologist)
William Loose  ...  Composer
Jack K. Tillar  ...  Composer
Mark Knobil  ...  Cinematographer
Barry Nye  ...  Editor
Summary: Have you ever wondered how much the cat in your lap resembles his wild cousin the tiger? The answer is, more than you think! By day he may be a playful and loving companion, but at night he's transformed into a ruthless hunter with a keen sense of sight and smell. Cats: Caressing the Tiger shows dramatic sequences of this transformation, revealing that domestic cats are never far removed from their cousins in the wild.

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