2007   USA Rogue Nature: Lion
Rogue Nature: Lion Image Cover
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Duration:42 min
  ...  (Director)
  ...  (Writer)
Dave Salmoni  ...  Himself - Host
Dane Kieser  ...  Himself - Attack Victim
Louise Kieser  ...  Himself - Attack Victim's Mother
James Mtungwa  ...  Himself - Cattle Rancher
Comments: A guy looking at the camera all the time because he thinks the doc is about him.

Summary: In Kruger National Park there is a startling trend developing: the lions living on the safari are targeting humans as a food source. Are these lions the embodiment of rogue nature?

Rogue Nature When an animal attacks a person, oftentimes the immediate consideration is euthanasia for the troublesome creature. But what causes an animal to go "rogue" and harm humans in the first place? Are these animals acting on instinct or are they simply vicious to the core? Canadian predator expert Dave Salmoni poses this question in "Rogue Nature," a six-part series that gets up close and personal with some of the world's most dangerous wild animals. Each episode features a species known for their frequent attack on humans. From bears and lions to hippos and elephants, Salmoni studies each animal's predatory profile and documents stories of survival from attack victims to try and gauge how dangerous these species inherently are. He then sets out into the wild to observe the animals in their natural habitat to observe if a violent reaction is automatic or just left to chance.

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