2012   USA Leopards of Dead Tree Island
Leopards of Dead Tree Island Image Cover
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Director:Graeme Duane
Studio:National Geographic Television
Writer:Graeme Duane
Duration:45 min
Graeme Duane  ...  (Director)
Graeme Duane  ...  (Writer)
Richard Armitage  ...  (voice)
Dave Birch  ...  Composer
Brad Bestelink  ...  Cinematographer
Jacklyn Havermahl  ...  Editor
Brenda Spaan  ...  Editor
Comments: Without a doubt, this Doc has one of the saddest scenes of natural life in the wild ever caught on film.

Summary: Botswana’s Okavango Delta is renowned as being one of the world’s largest inland water systems and home to a huge diversity of plant and animal life. After the rainy season, which generally runs from October to April, the Okavango Delta area almost doubles in size, creating a rich habitat for large numbers of animals. Amongst them, the leopard is one of the most intriguing. Solitary, elusive, graceful and bewitchingly beautiful, leopards are one of Africa’s prized “Big Five” – as dangerous as they are popular. In Leopards of Dead Tree Island, we are privileged to gain an in-depth look into the lives of three leopards seeking a common goal – domination of a prized territory. Along the way, we learn some fascinating facts about leopard behavior and how these animals interact with one another and with the other inhabitants of the magnificent Dead Tree Island environment.

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