1994   USA Africa: The Serengeti
Africa: The Serengeti Image Cover
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Director:George Casey
Writer:George Casey, Mose Richards
IMDb Rating:7.2 (355 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Genre:BigCats, Nature & Wildlife
Duration:39 min
Location:Serengeti Plains, Tanzania. Kenya
George Casey  ...  (Director)
George Casey, Mose Richards  ...  (Writer)
James Earl Jones  ...  Narrator
Andrew Kitzanuk  ...  Cinematographer
James Carney  ...  Composer
Tim Huntley  ...  Composer
Comments: The equation of life on the Serengeti is simple. Herbivores eat plants. Carnivores eat herbivores.

This feature is not specifically focused on big cats but it sets the stage where many big cat documentaries take place.

Summary: The Serengeti is a huge area of grassland in Tanzania, Africa. Once a year, in the time of drought, about two million herd animals like antelopes travel north to feed and mate before moving south again, when plants there begin to blossom.

James Earl Jones narrates this award-winning IMAX film that explores the natural beauty and timeless cycles of Africa's Serengeti plains. The highlight is a spectacle that few humans have witnessed--the great migration--during which 2 million wildebeests, zebras and antelope travel over 500 miles across the plains.

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