1998   USA Tigers of the Snow
Tigers of the Snow Image Cover
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Director:Mark Stouffer
Studio:National Geographic
Writer:Kevin McCarey
IMDb Rating:6.8 (67 votes)
Duration:57 min
Mark Stouffer  ...  (Director)
Kevin McCarey  ...  (Writer)
Richard Kiley  ...  Narrator
Bill Mills  ...  Cinematographer
Mark Stouffer  ...  Cinematographer
Cory Taylor  ...  Cinematographer
Barry Nye  ...  Editor
Summary: Blake's words "Tyger, tyger burning bright" come alive in this lush documentary from National Geographic. Tigers of the Snow spotlights the Siberian Tiger, which once roamed over the wide ranges of northern Asia but now is limited to a tiny region on the Sea of Japan. Footage of their active muscles, their piercing eyes, their regal pelt, all attest to the beauty of a dying breed. Russian and American scientists have banded together to study the 300 remaining not-so-gentle giants in an effort to save them from extinction. You'll see these men and women track tigers from helicopters, brave a mother's fury to tag her young, and strive to breed them in captivity. The effort is Herculean, given the massive logging and rampant poaching which cuts down the population and the tigers' territory, but there is hope that we can educate the next generation to protect these beautiful animals and their environment while there's still time. After all, a planet without tigers would be a much poorer place, and Tigers of the Snow shows exactly what we'd miss. --Rob Lightner

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