"Natural World"   2015   UK Africa's Fishing Leopards
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Director:Brad Bestelink, Steve Gooder
Studio:BBC Natural World
IMDb Rating:8.6 (10 votes)
Duration:60 min
Brad Bestelink, Steve Gooder  ...  (Director)
  ...  (Writer)
David Attenborough  ...  Narrator (voice)
William Goodchild  ...  Composer
Brad Bestelink  ...  Cinematographer
Richard Uren  ...  Cinematographer
Rupert Troskie  ...  Editor
Comments: Has the film maker and Atty, but it’s pretty good

Summary: David Attenborough narrates the intimate story of a leopard mother and her two cubs. This very special family must survive in the wilds of Botswana alongside some less-than-friendly neighbours: lions, wild dogs and hyenas. The competition for food is tough, and if they are going to make it they must learn a new skill - they must learn to fish. This is an epic family drama. With them every step of the way is local cameraman Brad Bestelink. Brad's 18-month journey following the lives of these secretive big cats offers a rare glimpse into an otherwise hidden world.

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