National Geographic Specials   1992   USA Eternal Enemies: Lions and Hyenas
Eternal Enemies: Lions and Hyenas Image Cover
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Director:Beverly Joubert, Dereck Joubert
Studio:National Geographic
Writer:Dereck Joubert, Marjorie M. Moomey
IMDb Rating:9.2 (37 votes)
Duration:60 min
Beverly Joubert, Dereck Joubert  ...  (Director)
Dereck Joubert, Marjorie M. Moomey  ...  (Writer)
Powers Boothe  ...  Narrator
Barry Nye  ...  Editor
Dereck Joubert  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: They remastered and re-visited this in 2022 with Jeremy Irons doing narration instead of Powers Booth. Irons has worked with the Jouberts on many occasions, and he's one of my faves because he doesn't over-dramatize things, but I gotta say the Booth narration is better

They re-edited it quite a bit for the 2022 release and cut about 15 minutes. The music is also much better in the original 1992 release

This is brutal, dark stuff, especially entertaining because it plays like an ego battle. Male lions hate hyenas and seem to enjoy killing them just for the sake of it, not to eat them

There is a sequence at the end of this where--or so the story goes--a matriarch hyena goes around re-marking territories where she smells lion piss. The gall! The girl lions try to chase her off with no luck, so they call in poppa bear: "He who greets with fire. He is a hyena killer". Spectacular!

That youtube clip is from the original and puts the re-visit to shame. Sorry Jeremy, and sorry to JB Arthur who does the new music

Is it unique in the animal kingdom that lions will kill something and not eat it? Lions kill hyenas because they don't like them. There is a scene in this documentary where a male lion, on behalf of the ladies, chases down a hyena that got too big for its britches. The music, sound effects, and slow motion photography make for a sublime experience. One of the best Lion kill scenes ever filmed!

Summary: Filmed on the hidden battlefields of northern Botswana where lions and spotted hyenas clash in overlapping territories. Follow the Southern Clan, led by a powerful hyena matriarch whose firstborn female cub kills her sister at birth to assure her succession as leader of the clan. Lurk in the shadows as a lioness from the Central Pride gives birth to three cubs and then encounters a deadly Egyptian cobra. Discover nature's savage conflicts in this ancient rivalry between Eternal Enemies: Lions and Hyenas.

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