"Nature"   2004   UK Cheetahs Fast Track to Freedom
Cheetahs Fast Track to Freedom Image Cover
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Studio:BBC Natural World
Writer:Jenette Restivo
IMDb Rating:8.9 (14 votes)
Duration:48 min
Location:Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Kenya
  ...  (Director)
Jenette Restivo  ...  (Writer)
Simon King  ...  Cinematographer
Jason Cooper  ...  Composer
Oliver Kraus  ...  Composer
Natasha Breed  ...  Cinematographer
John Maguire  ...  Cinematographer
Stephen Nangunye  ...  Cinematographer
Marguerite Smits van Oyen  ...  Cinematographer
Andrew Chastney  ...  Editor
Ivan Jones  ...  Editor
Comments: The drama is shared among the cubs and the filmmaker's experience of them in this documentary. Simon King is one of the more appealing BBC wildlife crew, but there are tears shed on film. You may want to cry with him. A follow up documentary, "Toki's Tale" continues the story.

Summary: Part 1 of Toki's Tale

For two years Simon King takes on the role of mother to two male cheetah cubs, Toki and Sambu, orphaned when their mother was killed by a lion.

Sambu and Toki are just twelve weeks old, still dependant on milk and in need of protection from the harsh world they will ultimately make their home when King, a wildlife filmmaker with 15 years experience of working with cheetahs in the wild adopts and films them during their first two years on Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.

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