"Natural World"   2008   UK Tiger Kill
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Studio:BBC Natural World
IMDb Rating:7.6 (7 votes)
Duration:48 min
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Simon King  ...  Himself - Presenter
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Summary: Wildlife cameraman Simon King has filmed hunting behaviour across the world for 20 years – but he has never been to India and has never seen a wild tiger. With the catastrophic decline of the world's ultimate big cat, the chance of documenting a tiger making a kill is becoming increasingly rare. In fact Simon knows of only one clear and unobstructed shot of this central event in the tiger's predatory existence.

To crack one of natural history's toughest challenges, Simon teams up with Indian tiger expert Alphonse Roy, who after 17 years in the jungles of India knows his subject intimately. But even Alphonse has not been able to record a successful hunt. By sharing their fieldcraft, technical skills and local knowledge, can Simon and Alphonse manage to record a tiger kill, and in doing so, better understand this magnificent but highly endangered species?

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