2012   China Casino Moon
Casino Moon Image Cover
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Director:Gia Coppola
Writer:Gia Coppola
IMDb Rating:4.9 (18 votes)
Genre:Short, Drama
Duration:15 min
Gia Coppola  ...  (Director)
Gia Coppola  ...  (Writer)
Robert Schwartzman  ...  Seymour
Jingchu Zhang  ...  Wow
Autumn Durald  ...  Cinematographer
Luke Lynch  ...  Editor
Comments: I imagine if you enter this via the Coppola clan you might find it all indie and hip and wonder: "Who is this Chinese chick who can't act?" But if you enter it via Peacock, Night & Fog, Aftershock, Red River, The Road, you gotta wonder: "WTF happened to Zhang Jingchu?"

Summary: A failed Las Vegas based comedian falls for a Chinese roulette dealer.

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