Duo Guan   2020   China Leap
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Director:Peter Ho-Sun Chan
Writer:Ji Zhang
IMDb Rating:7.9 (15 votes)
Genre:Drama, Sport
Duration:135 min
Peter Ho-Sun Chan  ...  (Director)
Ji Zhang  ...  (Writer)
Li Gong  ...  Lang Ping
Bo Huang  ...  Chen Zhonghe
Gang Wu  ...  Yuan Weimin
Yuchang Peng  ...  Chen Zhonghe
Bai Lang  ...  Lang Ping
Jiajie An  ...  An Jiajie
Jaqueline Carvalho  ...  Jaqueline Carvalho
Matthew Del Bel Belluz  ...  Rett Larson
Xia Ding  ...  Self
Fiona Fu  ...  Lang Ping's Freind
Xiangyu Gong  ...  Gong Xiangyu
Ruoqi Hui  ...  Self
Mike Jackson  ...  Us Recruiter
Li Lin  ...  Li Lin
Xiaotong Liu  ...  Liu Xiaotong
Shigeru Umebayashi  ...  Composer
Xiaoshi Zhao  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: I got all the inside jokes. Is that weird?

I'll tell you what's weird. Seeing these players acting in the film. Crying and stuff. Acting. I cried with Zeng Chunlei when Lang Ping told her she wasn't taking her to Rio :( I LOL'd when Ding Xia told Yuan Xinyue she should learn to scream her head off.

It's a propaganda piece but so what? It's a good story. The film is too long and full of hot air for those without the pride or personal connection. Keep that in mind.

I get why they basically ended the volleyball part after the quarterfinal match, but damn. The final offered a next level beasting, but the arc of the film is what it is.

Gong Li is an uber-presence.

Summary: On August 15, 2008, the Beijing Olympic Women's Volleyball Competition, China VS the United States. Lang Ping (played by Gong Li), wearing gold-framed glasses, sits on the coaching bench of the US team with a calm atmosphere and electric eyes; the coach of the Chinese team (played by Huang Bo) stands on the sidelines, full of attention and smiling. The coach of the Chinese team looked at Lang Ping, his eyes full of meaning, and his sight was obscured by the passing figures. The ups and downs of the Chinese women's volleyball team for more than 30 years were slowly opened.

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