Ta fang jian li de yun   2020   China, Hong Kong The Cloud in Her Room
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Director:Xinyuan Zheng Lu
Studio:Blackfin (Beijing) Culture & Media Co.
Writer:Xinyuan Zheng Lu
IMDb Rating:6.4 (90 votes)
Awards:6 wins & 7 nominations
Duration:98 min
Languages:Mandarin, English, Japanese, Flemish
Xinyuan Zheng Lu  ...  (Director)
Xinyuan Zheng Lu  ...  (Writer)
Zhou Chen  ...  Fei
Ye Hongming  ...  Feng, Muzi's father
Jin Jing  ...  Muzi
Dong Kangning  ...  Bar owner
Dan Liu  ...  Min, Muzi's mother
Yun-Fang Tseng  ...  Composer
Matthias Delvaux  ...  Cinematographer
Xinzhu Liu  ...  Editor
Xinyuan Zheng Lu  ...  Editor
Comments: I couldn't live on a diet exclusively made up of films like this but I also can't get enough of them. Something about Chinese films. They seem to possess more past and present than is allotted to the rest of us

If narrative is your thing, maybe take a pass. It's there, but bumper car-y. As far as I can tell Liu Dan is the only professional actor, but China often hits one out of the park with 'regular' people. Jin Jing should have a career based on this performance. I knew I was in for a treat after the sound effect she made when a window she tried to open just fell off

So many great shots. Hangzhou is beautiful in a dark and mysterious way

One could spend a lot of time constructing and deconstructing what's going on here: what's metaphor, what's memory, what's just hanging there?

The closing shot of a flaccid crane is outstanding!

Summary: Zhao Muzi went back to her hometown Hangzhou for spring festival. Her parents divorced years ago, her mother is dating a foreigner now while her father started a new family and had a new kid.

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