2022   Taiwan Incantation
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Director:Kevin Ko
Writer:Che-Wei Chang, Kevin Ko
IMDb Rating:6.4 (1,532 votes)
Duration:110 min
Kevin Ko  ...  (Director)
Che-Wei Chang, Kevin Ko  ...  (Writer)
Hsuan-yen Tsai  ...  Ruo-nan
Mohamed Elgendy  ...  
Ying-Hsuan Kao  ...  
Sean Lin  ...  
Ahmed Shawky Shaheen  ...  
Ching-Yu Wen  ...  
Rockid Lee  ...  Composer
Ko-Chin Chen  ...  Cinematographer
Kevin Ko  ...  Editor
Comments: Totally worked for me. With these kinds of 'found footage flicks' you gotta believe the founding footagers are genuinely scared themselves. Check

Set aside the "Wait ... how is this being filmed?" fumbles and a few other filmalogical mishaps and just go with WTF

After the initial setup, once this hits the road it doesn't slow down. Mad props there. It's a bit of a workout. Everybody in this is pretty creepy

Great foley sound design, like when it accompanies someone peeling their flesh off or banging their head straight down on the table (how did they do that?)

We all often critique horror when it relies on jump scares, but when they are relentless and accompanied by accomplished sound work it works

The two youngsters coulda shoulda been more freaky, but not a big demerit, and their inclusion, narratively, makes sense of the Mama Buddha being a ________

Summary: WARNING: This is a cursed video, it might contain certain risks to watch ; For those who dares to follow, please solve the puzzle of my daughter's curse with me .

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