Gung ju fuk sau gei   2004   Hong Kong Beyond Our Ken
Beyond Our Ken Image Cover
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Director:Ho-Cheung Pang
Studio:Mei Ah (HK)
Writer:Ho-Cheung Pang, Wing Sze Wong
IMDb Rating:7.0 (471 votes)
Duration:98 Minutes min
Ho-Cheung Pang  ...  (Director)
Ho-Cheung Pang, Wing Sze Wong  ...  (Writer)
Sui-man Chim  ...  Shirley's ex-boyfriend
Tao Hung  ...  
Gillian Chung  ...  Chan Wai Ching
Höng Tao  ...  Shirley
Emme Wong  ...  
Jimmy Wong Ga Lok  ...  Policeman
Daniel Wu  ...  Ken
Woon Ling Hau  ...  Auntie Seven
Chet Lam  ...  Jaywalker
Yuen Yee Ng  ...  Ken's granny
Charlie Lam  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: A month after Wai Ming broke up with Ken, she finds nude pictures of her on his website. To get back at him, she teams up with his new girlfriend.

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