Hao qi hai si mao   2006   China Curiosity Kills the Cat
Curiosity Kills the Cat Image Cover
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Director:Yibai Zhang
Studio:Eagle Spirit Management
Writer:Xin Huo, Yibai Zhang
IMDb Rating:6.4 (268 votes)
Awards:1 win & 2 nominations
Duration:93 min
Yibai Zhang  ...  (Director)
Xin Huo, Yibai Zhang  ...  (Writer)
Jun Hu  ...  Zheng Zhong
Carina Lau  ...  Chian'yu (Mrs. Zheng)
Fan Liao  ...  Fendou
Yuan Lin  ...  Momo
Jia Song  ...  Lynn
Tao Yang  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: This story takes place in a city by the Yangzi River where skyscrapers stand around falling slums... In a luxurious apartment an enchanting story of modern China unfolds... As the Chinese economy blooms so does the gap between rich and poor... These events unite an unlikely cast of a lady of noble decency, her power- hungry husband, a manicure store owner, a security guard, and a countryside girl and series of mysterious events haunted them... What happens in this luxurious apartment building? Are you curious? Well, curiosity kills the cat...

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