Bu neng shuo de. mi mi   2007   Hong Kong Secret
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Director:Jay Chou
Studio:EDKO Film
Writer:Jay Chou, Chi-long To
IMDb Rating:7.5 (1,851 votes)
Awards:1 win
Duration:101 min
Jay Chou  ...  (Director)
Jay Chou, Chi-long To  ...  (Writer)
Jay Chou  ...  Jay
Lunmei Kwai  ...  Rain
Kai-xuan Tseng  ...  Sky
Anthony Wong Chau-Sang  ...  Chiu
Pin Bing Lee  ...  Cinematographer
Devon Song  ...  Ah Bao
Jun Lang Huang  ...  Ah Lang
Zhan Yuhao  ...  Yu Hao
Chase Chang  ...  Record Store Owner
Ping Bin Lee  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: The story is about a high school student Ye, whom had studied in the school which coincidentally was where his father was headmaster at. Ye’s piano skill was unmistakably a notch above others. On the first day of school, while walking around the piano rooms, he heard an unknown and alluring melody played by Lu which led him to discovering the existence of her.

From then on, the two were always together, which thereafter led to incidents that gradually binded them together. However, Lu seemed to always carry a mysterious aura around her and when Ye tried to get to know her more, she always brushed off his questions by saying that it was a secret.

Unfortunately at the later stages , there was a misunderstanding between the both of them, which subsequently led to Lu’s disappearance. Ye was heartbroken & tried to locate her whereabouts frantically.

But the more he tried to find out, he realized that things were not as they seemed with the chain of events that spiraled along during his search for Lu’s whereabouts.

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