Zhaibian   2005   Taiwan The Heirloom
The Heirloom Image Cover
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Director:Leste Chen
Studio:Three Dots Entertainment Company
Writer:Dorian Li
IMDb Rating:5.2 (436 votes)
Duration:97 min
Leste Chen  ...  (Director)
Dorian Li  ...  (Writer)
Terri Kwan  ...  Yo
Jason Chang  ...  James
Yu-chen Chang  ...  Yi-Chen
Tender Huang  ...  Ah-Tseng
Yi-Ching Lu  ...  
Kuo-cheng Cheng  ...  
Ching-Ching Lin  ...  
Jason Chang (II)  ...  
Pung-Leung Kwan  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Sometimes inheritance is a curse

Summary: After living abroad for years, a young man returns home to Taiwan after inheriting the family home, a house built 70 years before but empty for the last 20 years. Moving in with his fiancé, they and their close friends begin experiencing strange things, including the fiends winding up in the house at midnight with no memory of how. Family secrets connected with the ghosts of dead children could be at the bottom of the goings-on, and the man's fiancé tracks down his only living relative for answers.

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