Yu pu tuan II: Yu nu xin jing   1996   Hong Kong Sex & Zen II
Sex & Zen II Image Cover
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Director:Man Kei Chin
Studio:Tai Seng Entertainment
Writer:Kin Sai-men
IMDb Rating:5.8 (236 votes)
Duration:87 min
Man Kei Chin  ...  (Director)
Kin Sai-men  ...  (Writer)
Loletta Lee  ...  Yiau
Tat-Wah Lok  ...  Fa
Ben Ng  ...  Ironman
Qi Shu  ...  Mirage Lady/Siu-Tsui
Elvis Tsui  ...  Sai Moon-Kin
Yut Fei Wong  ...  Monk
Lu Cheung  ...  
Yuk-chuen Cheung  ...  
Ting Fong  ...  
Christine Hung  ...  
Kin-Yan Lee  ...  
Ta Lei  ...  
Yin Tsang  ...  
Shiu-keung Wong  ...  
Summary: The movie follows the wealthy Squire (Xu Jin Jiang) who has one obsession which is to be best in the art of sex. However, he is extremely strict with his own daughter Yau (Loretta Lee). When she is sent away to study he has disguised her as a boy and putted on her a chastity device with sharp rotating blades to protect her from men like himself. However she falls in love with a young swordsman who is pursuing the deadly demon called the Mirage Lady (Shu Qi). The demon is using her sexual power to drain peoples energy so they die. And a deadly confrontation is bound to happen when the Mirage Lady is married to Yaus father.

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