1985   Hong Kong, West Germany Shocking Asia II: The Last Taboos
Shocking Asia II: The Last Taboos Image Cover
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Director:Rolf Olsen
Studio:First Film Organisation Ltd.
Writer:Rolf Olsen
IMDb Rating:5.0 (102 votes)
Duration:91 min
Summary: This film is more of a travelogue that you'll never see on public TV. It's actually pretty good in a haunting way. The Hobbit House still exists in Manila. Apparently it does great business despite the constantly changing owners. The prostitution scenes were clearly exaggerated. And did anyone else notice the shark fishermen (In footage seen previously in Mondo Cane.) were all missing the same limb. (Except for the poor guy missing both arms.) I get the impression part 1 and 2 were filmed on the same trip. Both had a lot of sex and violence in them but not so much to cause disgust. except maybe the sex-change operation in part 1. I wonder how many of those places still exist the way they were. I live in Asia and sometimes wonder. My Japanese friends thought this doc was a scream.

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