2006   South Korea, Hong Kong Daisy
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Director:Wai-keung Lau
Studio:Basic Pictures
Writer:Jae-young Kwak
IMDb Rating:7.3 (1,912 votes)
Awards:2 wins & 2 nominations
Genre:Action, Romance
Duration:110 min
Wai-keung Lau  ...  (Director)
Jae-young Kwak  ...  (Writer)
Gianna Jun  ...  Hye-young (as Ji-hyun Jun)
Woo-sung Jung  ...  Park Yi
Sung-jae Lee  ...  Jeong Woo
Sara Bernardo Aires  ...  Prostitute
David Chiang  ...  Cho
Ho-jin Jeon  ...  Detective Jang
Dion Lam  ...  Yun Joon-ha
Wai-keung Lau  ...  Cinematographer
Man-Ching Ng  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: How do the Koreans do it? Director Wai-keung Lau takes wacky and plays it straight, creating a touching melodrama full of completely plausible improbabilities. Woo-sung Jung plays the most lovely, sensitive, and attractive professional killer I've seen in a film. All three main characters are weirdly engrossing and beautiful.

Summary: "Daisy" is a story about the inevitable showdown between a detective and a killer who fall in love with the same woman. In the story, Jeon plays a street artist who dreams of opening her own exhibition someday, while Jeong portrays a killer who loves her but cannot confess his love to her because of his profession.

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