Nae yeojachingureul sogae habnida   2004   South Korea, Hong Kong Windstruck
Windstruck Image Cover
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Director:Jae-young Kwak
Studio:EDKO Film
Writer:Jae-young Kwak
IMDb Rating:7.1 (2,808 votes)
Genre:Romance, Comedy
Duration:123 min
Jae-young Kwak  ...  (Director)
Jae-young Kwak  ...  (Writer)
Gianna Jun  ...  Kyung-jin Yeo
Hyuk Jang  ...  Myung-woo Ko
Su-ro Kim  ...  Guy, taking of hostage
Ki-woo Lee  ...  Prince
Ye-jin Im  ...  Woman cop of police box
Chang-wan Kim  ...  Chief of police box
Tae-hyun Cha  ...  Guy on platform
Dae-Hoon Jeong  ...  Runaway boy 1
Ho-bin Jeong  ...  Chang-soo Shin, criminal
Jae-hyeong Jeon  ...  Runaway boy 2
Jeong-tae Kim  ...  Yeong-ho Kim, assistant inspector
Jeong-hun Lee  ...  
Yoon-hee Park  ...  
Yeong-Soon Son  ...  
Han-cheol Jeong  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: An enjoyably goofy romcom for the first hour then the guy dies and the flick falls off a cliff and should have died but doesn't and instead tries to milk sentimentality from every film genre available. Horrible. The dead guy shows up at the end and says "Go out with this guy" (the guy from My Sassy Girl) and the girl is all like, "OK." Cheap and Painful.

Summary: When police officer Kyungjin met with Myungwoo accidentally in a crime, she found that this responsible teacher was a really nice guy. At that night, Kyungjin got into a fight with a bunch of high school kids and got trouble in a big gun fight between rival drug dealers. Myungwoo tried to help her but then something happened that forces them stayed together all day long. They got closer to each other and Myungwoo was not able to repulse the strange but pure nature. He fell in love with her. One day, when Kyungjin was chasing a notorious criminal, Myungwoo helped her again, however, not knowing that what would happen that day changed their relationship forever...

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