2006   China 12 Girls Band: Live at Budokan Japan 2004
12 Girls Band: Live at Budokan Japan 2004 Image Cover
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Director:Xiao-Jing Wang
Studio:EMI Int'l
IMDb Rating:5.0 (5 votes)
Genre:Concert Film
Duration:105 min
Languages:Mandarin, English
Xiao-Jing Wang  ...  (Director)
  ...  (Writer)
Twelve Girls Band  ...  
Comments: I kind of like what these "girls" are doing but it sure has an exploitative quality about it. The poses and smiles are a little creepy and even though they are accomplished musicians they seem more interested in their display than their playing. The mix in of hidden modern technology instruments is a little bogus.

Summary: This set came with the DVD and Shining Energy music CD. If you really want to watch these girls perform, this is the DVD that you want to get. They rolled cameras from different angles so you get to see each girl evenly. The image quality is much better than Shanghai DVD. The difference is like VHS versus DVD. They played several Japanese songs and talked to the audience in Japanese. But it shouldn't bother too much. The song tiles are displayed(subtitled) in English.

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