2007   China, Canada Up the Yangtze
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Director:Yung Chang
Studio:Eye Steel Film
Writer:Yung Chang
IMDb Rating:7.4 (1,064 votes)
Awards:10 wins & 3 nominations
Duration:93 min
Languages:English, Mandarin
Yung Chang  ...  (Director)
Yung Chang  ...  (Writer)
Jerry Bo Yu Chen  ...  Himself
Campbell Ping He  ...  Himself
Cindy Shui Yu  ...  Herself
Shi Qing Wang  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Parts of this film are really bad, like filming a bunch of tourists on a small boat singing "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean", the whole damn song, but the subject matter trumps every bad directorial choice and this film will touch your heart. It's a sad story, and does, to be fair, have more good directorial choices than bad ones. The family is presented with grace and has a surprisingly universal appeal that reaches far beyond its own culture.

Summary: A luxury cruise boat motors up the Yangtze - navigating the mythic waterway known in China simply as "The River." The Yangtze is about to be transformed by the biggest hydroelectric dam in history. At the river's edge - a young woman says goodbye to her family as the floodwaters rise towards their small homestead. The Three Gorges Dam - contested symbol of the Chinese economic miracle - provides the epic backdrop for Up the Yangtze, a dramatic feature documentary on life inside modern China.

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