Shuang shi ji   2008   China Deadly Delicious
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Director:Zhao Tianyu
Studio:Megajoy Pictures
Writer:Yao Wang, Zhao Tianyu
IMDb Rating:6.3 (193 votes)
Awards:1 win
Duration:98 min
Zhao Tianyu  ...  (Director)
Yao Wang, Zhao Tianyu  ...  (Writer)
Francis Ng  ...  Chen Jiaoqiao
Nan Yu  ...  Li Chunyan
Yiyan Jiang  ...  Coco
Yuchen Zhu  ...  Luo Yi - Police
Jiaqing Wei  ...  Zhang Qing
Zhenghua Chen  ...  Chinese Physician
Xiaoming Wang  ...  Doctor - CT Scan
Yuzhou Cao  ...  Doctor - Hair Implant
Wei Wang  ...  Secretary
Summary: Successful businessman Jiaqiao (Francis Ng) contentedly floats between two women, one mature and sexy (Yu Nan), the other young and beautiful (Jiang Yiyan). Living every man's dream, he confidently believes that he has these two very different women - their love, their bodies, their cooking - in the palm of his hands. He is rudely awakened one day by the realization that his hair and eyebrows are thinning, and his potency is on the decline. Thrown into panic and confusion, he begins to suspect his two lovers actually know each other. His crisis is only the beginning of a new contest - or is it collaboration? - between the two women in his life.

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