Dai yat gaai   2008   Singapore, Hong Kong Rule Number One
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Director:Kelvin Tong
Studio:Boku Films
Writer:Kelvin Tong
IMDb Rating:6.3 (408 votes)
Awards:2 wins
Genre:Action, Drama
Duration:90 min
Kelvin Tong  ...  (Director)
Kelvin Tong  ...  (Writer)
Shawn Yue  ...  Sgt. Lee Kwok-keung
Ekin Cheng  ...  Inspector Wong
Stephanie Che  ...  Esther
Renee Lee  ...  Siu-man
Fiona Xie  ...  May
Ben Yuen  ...  Chan Fook-Lai
Joe Ng  ...  Composer
Alex Oh  ...  Composer
Kwok-Man Keung  ...  Cinematographer
Wai Chiu Chung  ...  Editor
Comments: Dreams and, presumably, alternate realities frustrate from time to time but a story does manage to tie it together pretty well. It's spooky and creepy enough and the cinematography is good. My only complaint is the Mandarin dub was not done very well. I don't even know why it was done.

Summary: Rookie Sergeant Lee (Shawn Yue) is injured in a shoot-out and is assigned to the Miscellaneous Affairs Department (MAD). There, he is paired up with Inspector Wong (Ekin Cheng), a police veteran who explains that MAD's role is to answer supernatural calls. Wong explains MAD's rule number one: there are no ghosts. For every seemingly inexplicable phenomenon, there is a corresponding scientific and rational explanation. MAD begins investigating a string of bizarre teenage suicides. As Lee and Wong follow the clues, they realise something sinister is heading their way...

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