Sam hon   2003   Hong Kong Shiver
Shiver Image Cover
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Director:Siu-hung Chung
Studio:Universe Films Ltd.
IMDb Rating:5.7 (90 votes)
Duration:88 min
Siu-hung Chung  ...  (Director)
  ...  (Writer)
Francis Ng  ...  Chan Kwok-Ming
Nick Cheung  ...  Ko Chun
Athena Chu  ...  Mok Sum-Yi
Shiu Hung Hui  ...  
Tiffany Lee  ...  Zhou Kit-Yu
Ying Kwan Lok  ...  
Patrick Tang  ...  
Summary: Sammi (Athena Chu) and her husband Chan (Francis Ng) find themselves resurrecting their nearly failed marriage after Sammi suffers a grave injury in an armed robbery. Though the injury gives Sammi and Chan another chance at love, it also puts Sammi in great danger. After she heals from the incident, Sammi begins to have premonitions of murders, an event which Chan, a police officer, uses to further a murder investigation, but which also places them at risk from the murderer.

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